Direct Healing

Rates: $80.00 per session

By appointment

Distance (Remote) Healing

Ki energy healing sent to the time and location of your choice. Perfect for those who do not wish to come in person to my office due to limitations in time, distance, mobility, or personal preference.

3 Session Starter Course: 3 sessions (in a row, about 20 minutes each) $60.00. Includes establishment of a continued flow of energy after the session for a short period.

Continued Course: 10 sessions $200.00

Special Course: 20 sessions $300.00. This rate is set up to ease financial burden for those who need a lot of sessions or like to have sessions regularly for heath care.

* Although any time is good, the most effective time is when you feel drowsy before sleep or while you are asleep. Schedule should be arranged according to the conditions. By appointment.

For remote healing, we accept payment through PayPal (credit card or from bank account).

Pet Healing

Rates are same as above.

* Only remote services are available for pets out of consideration for allergy sufferers who may visit us locally.

Ki/Chi/Qigong Exercise Classes

*These classes are forcused on self-healing and internal exercises rather than physical movement.

5 sessions $200.00 (group classes of up to 5 can be organized)

5 sessions $300.00 (private classes)

Contact 250-857-6977

*Each class has group healing at the end. Classes are held locally in Victoria.

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