Empirical Proof of Ki / Qi / Chi

Proof of Ki (qi/chi)

For many people, energy healing or qi/chigong appears unscientific. However, some aspects have been proven. According to doctor apprentices of the breathing technique master I used to learn from, cancer cells placed in a beaker decreased when qi energy was cast on them, while the strength of the immune system cells increased. A study by a professor from Tokyo Denki University showed that when my teacher of qigong, Master Chou projected qi in water, the electric currents of the water multiplied by a thousand times. This type of water is called qigong water, and many love to drink it for maintaining their health and to ward off sickness. Water becomes smoother and easier to drink after it is cast by qi energy. With some training in qigong, you can make qigong water yourself. It has also been confirmed that when qigong masters emit qi energy, their brain waves turn into alpha waves. The chief doctor of a prestigious hospital, impressed that qigong treatment shrunk the tumor of a brain cancer patient who only had a few months left to live, entered a Qigong Master School in Tokyo. This doctor is to be admired, as a true doctor who seriously considers the health of his patients.

At this point in time scientific evidence of qigong are only accounts of anomalies caused by qi energy, but with further advances in science, I am certain qigong will be considered a scientific phenomenon. Science and qigong are by no means at odds, but should contribute to the health and happiness of people through binding together.

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