What is Ki / Chi / Qi?

Ki (qi/chi) is the endless universal energy of life circulating in everything, including the sky, earth, ocean, forests, plants, human beings, or fish. Ki (qi/chi) appears in many ways. Those who are sturdy, prone to diseases, quick-tempered, easy-going, long-lived, short-lived, lucky and unlucky are all related to ki(qi/chi).

Humans have ki (qi/chi) from God and parents, and are all born with a certain amount of qi. You can use it in any way, but if you use it, whether for work or play, you will lose it. If lost, you will lose your energy and vivacity, becoming prone to mental and physical diseases. If you want to enhance the joy and meaningful things of your life with qi, developing your qi so it is not quickly consumed is the strategy for life!

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