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Hidemi Kihira


Chiropractor, High-Ranked Master of Qigong



Director of Asao Chiropractic Institute
Director of association for promotion of PNF Seitai (chiropractic) (photo)
Officially recognized trainer of Nihon University wresting club (photo)
Instructor of Chiropractic Doctor College (photo)
Member of international chiropractors association,
Director of Ki Energy Healing Centre,
Member of Association of Qigong Masters in Japan


Yokohama, Japan


Cleveland Chiropractic College Japan, Nihon University, Tokyo Chiropractic College (Award of Excellence), School of Qigong Masters


January 15, 1957

I have many years of experience practicing as a chiropractor in Japan. I founded my business, Asao Chiropractic Institute in 1995, was a member of the board of PNF Seitai and trainer of the wrestling team of the University of Japan, and have taught at Japan Chiropractic College from August 2003 to October 2010.

I realized a phenomenon of healing without physical contact around 2007. I had always felt the depth, greatness, and mystique of chiropractic techniques which could heal patients with just the touch of the hand, without any medicine or operations. Now, I had to face the unbelievable: the possibility of healing patients without contact. I was suspicious of this anomaly, but it made no sense to deny what I was causing. At the time, I was the last person to believe in any phenomenon unexplainable by science. I first discovered mysterious healing powers in my hands at my private chiropractic practice in Japan. Intrigued, I experimented with it on my interns (whom I was instructing at a Japanese chiropractic college), staff members and others around me, and was astounded by the results.

I wondered whether a reaction to my devotion to healing my patients caused this phenomenon but was not satisfied with such a simplistic view, so with increased interest in my new healing powers, I began to try treating willing patients, friends, and family with energy healing. I verified this phenomenon through receiving energy healing to treat my left knee as I had knee pains ever since undergoing knee surgery at fourteen years old. The pain had become so acute that I could no longer go up and down stairs without using a hand rail. After receiving ki energy at a few healing sessions from a master of qigong in Tokyo, I no longer had pain and could use stairs without relying on a rail. I also received energy healing to treat the pain in my shoulder and went to a breathing technique dojo. The healing phenomenon I was causing was mysterious, but I was able to confirm that this same phenomenon could be caused by different methods. I realized that science has not developed enough to prove this phenomenon.

I decided to enhance my own healing abilities of projecting and manipulating universal energy. Under the tutelage of renowned Master Eishou, the successor of a Chinese qigong sect who worked for Chinese Emperors over centuries, I became a Master of Qigong. In 2011 I moved to Victoria Canada and established Ki Energy Healing Centre (遠隔気功センター).

I am the only ki energy healer of Chou style qigong outside China and Japan

Master Chou's Clinic Tokyo 2011Instructing chiropractic technique at Japan Chiropractic Doctor College in Tokyo 2010Accepting Award of Recognition from Nihon University Wrestling Club April 2002With Seiko Yamamoto, four-time world champion in women’s wrestling 2002

With Seiko Hashimoto, Current member of Japanese Parliament and Bronze medalist in 1992 Winter Olympics 2002With Toshihiko Seiko, winner of Fukuoka,Boston, London, and Chicago marathons 2002Plaque of Recognition from Nihon University Wrestling Club April 20, 2002With Tomiyama Hideaki, Director or Nihon University Wrestling Club and 1984 Summer Olympics Gold Medalist in Men's freestyle 57 kg 1998