Frequently Asked Questions

What is ki?

Ki is unlimited universal energy circulating everywhere in nature. It is the source of life for human beings, animals, plants, the earth, and the universe. Ki energy healing puts universal energy where it is required to facilitate a good flow of ki. Ki energy healing harmonizes the body and mind to achieve optimal health.

What is the origin of my ki energy healing?

My style of ki energy healing, Chou style, originates from one of the Chinese qigong sects who served Chinese emperors. It was kept secret within the family for generations. Chou style qigong techniques, named “senrishinmyaku” (distant healing), were developed for the empresses treatments because men, even doctors, were not permitted to see them. I am the only Chou style ki energy healer outside of China and Japan.

What is a session like?

After consultation, in the most relaxed position, ki healing energy will be transmitted. View video testimony (1).

What should I expect to feel after receiving a healing session?

Although each individual response is different, most people report that they feel energized, calmer, less stressed, or have a reduction in pain or other symptoms.

How long is the healing session?

Sessions usually take about an hour. Many clients tend to sleep after ki energy healing. If your time is limited, you will be woken up at your convenience.

Are there any side effects?

Most people feel better immediately. It is possible to feel more tired and sleepy after ki energy healing, since in some cases, the stimulation from the ki energy gives a message to your body to rest.

Can I receive ki energy healing while on medication or receiving other treatment?

Yes, ki energy healing is complimentary with most medical and alternative treatments.

Who needs distance (remote) healing?

Distance healing is perfect for people who cannot visit me due to limitation in time, distance, or mobility.

How can I receive distance (remote) healing?

Fill in an application form, send a photo, and the optimal time for you to receive ki will be arranged.