How to feel Ki energy

Point the index finger of your right hand to the palm of your left hand and move it slowly. If you feel something in your left hand, that is the ki/qi/chi you are emitting. This phenomenon is apt to appear after performing the excise. The heat you may feel in your body during the vibration ki/qi/chigong excise, whether it is your head, stomach, or hands that is probably your ki/qi/chi too. There are no difficulties giving ki/qi/chi to yourself, but you must be careful if you send ki/qi/chi to others. Those who are able to treat others with ki/qi/chi should refrain from giving ki/qi/chi treatment to too many people until you learning how to emit ki/qi/chi energy properly, since a decrease in your own ki/qi/chi can impair your health. Even the professional healers sometimes jeopardize their health by unknowingly using too much ki/qi/chi for their treatment.