How to judge if a healer is real or not

There are quite a few therapies to improve human health mentally and physically by invisible energy. However, it is hard to tell if those therapies are real because energy is invisible. Even if a healer has a sort of certificate or license, it is doesn’t always mean that he is a real healer. There are more than a few organizations which issue licenses or certificates after short time period of seminars (a few days or weeks or months). Those things aren’t very reliable in this field. Famous healers tend to be expensive because they are promoted by TV shows or their books. Still, you can’t always have a good result. Even if healers were great in the past, their healing power wouldn’t be the same once they become too money-oriented or arrogant. It is really hard from the client’s point of view to tell if a healer is real or not.

Here is a list of traits of decent qigong masters or healers from a healer’s perspective.

1. Good complexion and healthy skin (This is especially easy to tell with elderly healers. Qigong masters should be invigorated from emitting energy.)

2. Warm hands (are always emitting energy).

3. He or she does not say bad things about others.

4. He or she charges reasonably.

5. He or she makes you feel comfortable.

If the healer passes these five tests, and your health is improved after two to three sessions, he or she is probably a good healer. Two to three sessions do not necessarily produce a result, but it is a good indicator.