Why Qigong Works

Ki (qi/chi) is energy of universe and life. What maintaining life form is amount of ki (chi/qi) and circulation of it. This means that a decreased amount of ki or disturbed circulation of ki is the cause of health issues.

Most of people today are short of ki. This may be due to overwork, social and domestic stress coming from a complicated society, too much fun, an unbalanced diet, or disease caused by pollution. Mental and physical symptoms appear in various ways depending on what caused the shortage of ki or disturbed the circulation of ki.

You can get your health back with qigong, which increases your amount and circulation of ki, strengthens your immune system and inherent natural healing powers.

Therefore, qigong, which regains your health by strengthening immune systems and inherent natural healing powers, is effective for all mental and physical symptoms and has no side effect.

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Benefits of qigong (chigong/chikung):

1 Qigong makes the meridian smooth and improves the circulation of ki and blood, strengthening the organs, boosting immunity, and enhancing natural healing power.

2 to reduce mental physical stress and improve the balance of the autonomic nervous system.

3 to activate the brain cells and develop your varieties of latent powers.