Testimonials & Clinical Reports

1 (from clinical reports) Metastatic cancer has shrunk!

A request from a daughter whose father is suffering from metastatic liver cancer in Tokyo arrived to me Sep. 2011, which was that, although anticancer therapy is going well, she would like to minimize side effects of it because she was worried since he lost his hairs at last anticancer therapy.

The result was wonderful. He couldn’t feel any side effect. He didn’t lose any hair had good sleep and had enjoyed the meals to the extent that he gained 3kg up from 66kg. the cancer cell of his liver has shrunk. The swelling of his liver went down. All abnormal laboratory data went back normal. Testimonial

While he is having the sessions, he was saying that he enjoyed his meals and became very sleepy. Having sent the image that his liver cancer was shrinking, I was reported from his daughter that he dreamt that his liver cancer had shrunk.

CT image showing that the cancer has shrunk and the swelling of his liver went down

Example 2 (testimonial) A great improvement for intercostal neuralgia

Dec. 9th, 2011 male 47 teacher intercostal neuralgia

I have been suffering from the pain in my upper back since my junior high school days. It had started to become severe after I began to learn jujitsu. I needed to practice jujitsu in pain daily. It was intensely painful for me to practice the pinning techniques and turn around my upper body. I felt so weak when I practiced the ground fighting that I couldn’t execute the pinning techniques properly. I won Japan Open Tournament of jujitsu once and took the second place in other jujitsu tournament (コパアクシス)  in the past. The symptom was worse at the change of seasons. Any medicine and treatment couldn’t keep away the pain from me longer than a week. I was at the point of giving up. I felt that I couldn’t stay away from the pain as far as I played jujitsu.    To my surprise, however, only one time ki(qi/chi) energy session relieved my pain and worked a long time. It’s been 3 years since I had ki(qi/chi) energy session.  I hardly have any pain in my back. Even if I had a little pain in my back when I was in a bad shape, it would be gone in a few days. Now it is nothing like before. I am really impressed by the effectiveness of ki (qi / chi) energy healing.

I was relieved from the suffering that I had 30 years. A thousand thanks to Sensei.

Example 3( From clinical report ) effective for Meniere’s disease

Jun 29th, 2010 female 54 university lecturer Meniere’s disease There are a lot of cases in my chiropractic office that the symptoms of patients diagnosed Meniere’s disease disappeared after my chiropractic treatment. I believe these people are diagnosed wrong because the structural problem or joint disjunction of people could cause similar symptoms by the poor blood circulation or some failure related to nervous signal. However, the symptom of this patient didn’t disappear clearly like the other patients. I felt that this was a real case of Meniere’s disease.

I gave ki/qi/chi healing energy after chiropractic treatment. I felt something wrong with left nose and gynecologic organs through senrishinmyaku (secret qigong technique). It seemed to me that left nose is related to left ear. So I asked her if the symptom is stronger in the left ear. That was right. Asking her if there were any gynecologic issue, I was right again. Her uterus had been already surgically removed.

I put in ki/qi/chi energy to her parts which need it and improve the flow of ki/qi/chi.

Then, she told me that she felt some sort of energy coming into her, her bodily perception had changed, the condition of her nose blocked had got cleared and she felt good. Later, she reported to me that the ki/qi/chi energy treatment improved her Meniere’s disease greatly.

3Linda G 47 USA

Again I have noticed that the symptoms are less than what they normally are – thank you! (11/9/13)

… I can see a difference in JT with every session. This morning, when I got up he was sleeping on the top shelf in my walk in closet and when he saw me sit up, he came down to say good morning… it does appear that he has more energy and he is eating well… I feel it is so important to continue working with you because I believe you are making a huge improvement in his health and well being. Thank you.

… I can tell a huge difference in the way that I feel…(11/9/16)

Example 4 (From clinical reports) improvement for the pain and stiffness in the shoulder