Significance of Qigong

People are full of energy in general in their childhood. Kids are active inside and outdoors, play and laugh a lot. In their 20’s and 30’s, they are vigorous devoted to their jobs and hobbies. In their 40’s, quite a few people are still energetic on their professions. However, their vitality starts diminishing with ages because of their consumption of their congenital ki (qi/chi) energy (genki).

Easily speaking, ki (qi/chi) is categorized in two kinds, which are congenital ki and acquired ki. Congenital ki is given at your birth from your parents. The other is acquired ki which you take in from the exterior world. You can get ki from foods and drinks, and absorb ki from the universe, the sky, the oceans, and the natural world. A mount of congenital ki is so limited that the shortage of it by overusing it can cause hindrances in your health.

Even ki energy healers (qigong healers) could cause a health hazard by overuse of ki (qi/chi) energy. Although I know some people can project ki (qi/chi) energy naturally, It is a better idea to be trained properly to practice qigong healing (ki energy healing). It is wise to avoid the risk.

Most people can’t achieve their longevities due to smoking, drinking, deviated food habit, or overwork etc. The significance of qigong (chigong/kikung) lies in helping people to regain their losing vitality and energy to live healthy in order to complete their term of life. Taking qigong healing is one of the alternatives. (See: The process to receive distance qigong (chigong/kikung) healing, Distance qigong (chigong/kikung) healing application form).

You can practice the vibration qigong excise to enhance your inner ki energy, smooth out the flow of ki energy and absorb the energy from the exterior world. Let’s raise the density of your ki (qi/chi) and get back your health. You will feel mentally and spiritually better to be positive about many things around you. Mind and body are two sides of the front and back of human being and yin and yang in perspective of qigong. Let’s turn your life out in a good circle by using qigong.