What is Distance Healing?

Distance healing is to give an energy healing treatment to people in a distance. Our method is so called 秘伝功(hidenkou), which is a secret qigong technique invented and handed down for generations within a family to treat Chinese royalty.

Ki(qi/chi) is hard to understand because it is invisible and not a phenomenon of three dimensions but a phenomenon beyond dimensions and time. The idea that ki (qi/chi) is existence of energy with information and power which can exist in multiple dimensions, would be closer to the truth and easier to understand. The basic philosophy of ki (qi/chi) is oneness. All things are the same and connected at the bottom. Therefore, even though there is a distance in the three dimensional world, there is no distance because all the things interact each other through dimensions at the core of existence. If you can specify the information of the individuals (birthday, name, address, photo, etc), you can influence the individual beyond the dimension. This may be hard to believe from the present science, but this is real. Please try it. I set up the rate very reasonably so that everyone can benefit from this marvelous distance healing.

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