Secret Techniques

Secret qigong originated from a Taoist and had been handed down within the family by generations to treat Chinese emperors and princesses. The most secret among those is “千里診脈” (senrishinmyaku) distance healing, which can give ki(qi/chi) energy healing to people in a distance. In ancient china, even a doctor wasn’t allowed to look at the faces of Chinese emperors and princesses directly ,needless to say, to touch them. However, you could lose your life if you are wrong in the treatment of royalty. There is no wonder that the masters of qigong of that era devote themselves to the art of qigong healing. Under such a circumstance, distance healing which is 千里診脈(senrishinmyaku), is devepoled by masters of qigong of Taoist. It was started by treating royalty behind a wall and eventually developed into distance healing. Even china, leading country of qigong, has limited number of masters of qigong who are capable of doing distance healing.

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