What is Qigong?

Since Ki(qi/chi) is invisible, it is hard to believe and understand it particularly for those who come across this for the first time. However, everybody has experienced it in his life. Just he can’t recognize it as the phenomenon of ki (qi/chi). When people are playing the piano, sports or working, they must sometimes have felt that they were doing great at some moment even though they don’t know why they are doing so well at that moment due to ignorance of ki-energy and qigong (chigong/chikung). It happens and disappears unconsciously for most of people. The moment when you are feeling that everything is going well in your expected way and agreeable is when your ki-energy is strong and stable. It is possible to make the same situation of your best moments consciously by increasing ki (qi/chi) energy and controlling it. Qigong (chigong/chikung) is 気功 in Japanese. 気 means energy, and 功 indicates techniques. So qigong (chigong/chikung) means a skill to enhance energy and control it. You just need to know the existence of ki (qi/chi) energy and feel the stream of universal energy to absorb it and enhance your own indwelling ki (qi/ chi) energy to use for whatever you need.

However, qigong (chiqong/chikung) should not be your ultimate purpose of your life but a tool to enrich your life. You just should make most use of it to be healthy and happy. You need power to be happy. And it comes from energy. Therefore, let’s enhance your indwelling ki (qi/chi) energy first.

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